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Exams exams and exams T.T

I went back in France three weeks ago ??? But my school schedule was so horrible that I didn't have time to write an article T.T I will be less busy from now on : I have one more day of school tomorrow but I have to study for my final exams T.T

So I was in New York three weeks ago with my aunt, I have a cousin there ^^ It was rainy the first two day but the weather became rather good at the end... :) We didn't see lots of things XD All we did was shopping XD (it doesn't help when you have a cousin who is a stylist...)
The last time I went to the States was... hum... 8 years ago XD I was happy to see my family again ^^

Because we arrived late at the airport, my luggage didn't take the same plane XD I received it two days later... I was so scared that they lost it...

I missed a lot of birthdays XD So happy belated birthday to Koyama, Yokoyama and Okhura... Sorry for being so late ><

I've just seen that Ryo have a new drama ^^ I'm so happy that I want to be in July already ^^

I will write an article tomorrow after my physic class ^^ I have something to scan too ^^


So sick T.T

I didn't update my journal XD But I was so sick this week (the medecine made me feel so sleepy XD) But I went to see Ponyo ^^ It was so cute ^^ The music just can't get out of my head XD

This Thursday, I went with my friend to "visit" Paris ^^ We were on the "bateau mouche". It was so cloudy this day but I'm glas that it didn't rain XD I was so proud when the voice on the boat told us that Jussieu (my school) is a great science and technology university ^^ We also saw a lot of Japanese tourits Oo Some were wearing kimono ^^ Every place we have been to, we saw Japanese tourists XD

We also went to "La grande galerie de l'évolution", the last time I've been there, it was 10 years ago ? XD But I just love this museum so much ^^ There nothing really special, but it likes going to the zoo XD

I'm going to New York tomorrow, so I will not be able to update my journal for a week ^^ So I'm stopping here (I didn't prepare my bag yet XD).


Wouah no updates for a long time...

I haven't updated my journal for a long time, sorry... ^^' I was so busy at school that I didn't have time to write articles... ^^' But I'm in holidays soon, so I will update more often... ^^ I didn't have time to watch dramas or TV show T.T

But I received Kanjani8 and NEWS 2009/2010 Calendar ^^ I don't use the NEWS one (because I don't know where to put it XD) but I just love Kanjani8 calendar o(^o^)o

I saw NEWS new PV and I was laughing from the start to the end XD The dance is just so funny XD So O bloodtype people are Romantic Leader ??? XD
I can't wait to watch the PV from Kanjani8 new album PUZZLE ^^ One more week to go ^^

The other day, the weather was so good in Paris that I decided to go to the "Arc de Triomphe" (I don't know how they call it in English XD)
There was a lot of tourists (but it is normal -_- it's the Champs Elysee XD)

So we are still the 9th of April in France so :

I hope that this year too, a lot of happy things will happen to you ^^

I'm stopping here (because I have a lot of homeworks to do T.T) I will probably update my journal this week end ^^

Sorry T.T

I promised yesterday that I will update NEWS and KAT-TUN schedule and answer to comments... I'm sorry but I think I will do it tomorrow or on Wednesday... I have a big headache right now because of looking at a computer screen for more than 3 hours on robotics T.T And I'm not in the mood after hearing that Ryo-chan have a car accident yesterday... He is safe and it was not a big accident but I still hope that he is OK... (now, it makes me think that I don't like cars that much and I don't know if I want to get a driving license....)

So I'm stopping here and I will pass by tomorrow or on Wednesday... ^^ See ya !!!

Too busy T.T

I've started school for three weeks now and I can't find time to update my journal, I'm sorry T.T (this week, I will be very busy : I have two tests T.T) I will try to update this week end... (And the schedule for NEWS and KAT-TUN activities too ^^').

I decide to take one or two minutes to write this entry because today it is Kame's birthday (It is already the 24th in Japan but not in France XD) so :

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAME !!! ^^ 23 years old ^^
I hope that a lots of good things will happen to him this year ^^

I will stop the entry here because I have to go back to my mathematics XD

School is starting again T.T

Last day of holidays... T.T I'm starting school tomorrow ^^ I still don't understand my timetable at all XD Why do I have so much free time between two class ??? XD But I think I will spend this free time at the library... ^^ I have to work harder for the rest of the year ^^

I didn't do anything special this week except the Chinese New Year ^^ I was able to see my friend (who is like a big brother to me ^^) who just came back from China... And like every year, it was noisy at home ^^ I also went to the temple where I was able to see all my cousins ^^ I don't have much chance to see them so I was happy. (^o^)

I've just received NEWS Never Ending Wonderful Story DVD ^^ Finally I bought it... XD I've also bought Kanjani FTO album (the limited edition ^^) :

I've watched Code Blue SP and I love it ! XD It was a very long SP but I enjoyed every minute of it ^^ I'm just fond of dramas with doctors, police... That's why I can't wait to watch RESCUE ... XD I'm already watching VOICE with Toma and Eita... ^^ I will definitly watch all the drama ^^

I've already seen three episode of Proposal Daisakusen ^^ (finally ! XD) and Yamapi is just perfect in it ! XD I think this sort of role is the best for him XD (like in Nobuta ^^ I like Kurosaki a lot too, he is so handsome in it XD).
For Nat (Daite Senorita limited edition ^^) :

Since I will have a lot of free time between class, I will try to update more often ^^
Ah ! I can't wait to see KAT-TUN new PV !!! XD

Ahhhhhhhhhhh so busy T.T

I said I would update my journal but I was so busy these days that I totally forgot... >_< I'm supposed to be in holidays but I have to go back to school for X reasons... And it is so cold in France now that I don't want to go outside... I'm happy that I didn't catch a cold yet... ^^ It is very rare to have such temperatures in winter (we had -11C on Sunday morning O_O). It was snowing on Paris the other day, Paris in white was a really beautiful scene to see ^^ The ground was very slippery... XD

I'm going to stay at home these days ^^ My lift is out of order and I live at the 6th floor, I'm too lazy to climb up and down... XD It will be repaired for the 5th of February... T.T But I will probably go shopping since the sales began last week in France ^^

I've just finished watching a lot oh things ^^ :
I've finished Jin's drama Anego, I just love Jin in black suit ^^ I didn't really like the SP (I generally don't like SP, they are long and are often just flashback of scenes that happen in the drama.... But I will probably change my mind with Code Blue SP ^^)
I've also watched HanaKimi SP (finally ! XD, it was in my computer for a long time but I didn't watch it...).

KAT-TUN new DVD is my favorite one so far ^^ (Yamapi also appeared in it so what else ? XD) I was just wondering if Ryo attends others Johnnys concert too ? He is so busy with two groups...  I'm curious about who and who are friends in the jimusho XD That's probably why I love Countdown so much ^^ (I was a little disappointed this year but I enjoyed it ^^).

I'm planning to buy NEWS Never Ending Wonderful Story concert DVD ^^ But why are NEWS DVD so expensive ??? T.T I'm a poor girl XD It is the first time that I find the DVD zone great, Europe and Japan have the same zone ^^

I have a math and a mechanics test next week T.T Finally, high school mathematics weren't so bad... XD

I have no class for the end of this month so I will try to update my journal more often ^^ (If I'm not too lazy ^^)


Finally back ^^

Finally back on the computer ^^ I was so busy for Christmas that I haven't updated my journal for a long time... The exams are finally over and I have to wait for January 6th for the results...  ^^

It is so noisy every year at Christmas with my family and friends ^^ We ate a lot, drank a lot... ^^ And watched the same movie again and again... XD But what I love in Christmas, it is the dessert and the gifts ^^ :

I love mango cake a lot ^^ (Strawberry cake too but it isn't the season in France T.T)

My friend gave me a cute gift, it is a towel ^^ :

I have just finished Ryuusei no Kizuna, I wasn't expecting this ending at all XD But like my friend says, it was the purpose no ? ^^ I'm actually watching Bloody Monday and Scrap Teacher ^^
I can't wait to watch KAT-TUN new DVD concert and the Countdown ^^

Ryo cut his hair T.T He cut it every time I begin to love his hairstyle XD
And Congratulations to Eito with their DVD 47 ^^ I'm happy for them, I haven't buy it yet but I plan to since it seems to be a great live ^^

It is already very late in France so I will continue the uninteresting story of my boring life tomorrow ^^



Two weeks of hiatus

Since my exams are very near, I'm not going to update my journal (and I will probably not touch my computer XD) for two weeks I think... I have to pass all my exams if I want a month of holidays ^^ So I will do my best... I can do it !!!

I will miss all the Johnnys a lot during two weeks but I think that my future is more important than them... Sorry T.T But after the exams, there will be the Countdown (I can't wait to see it ^^) and KAT-TUN DVD... (It will be very difficult to not watch Ryusei no Kizuna too T.T).

But no choice XD I just have to fight oh !!!


One more week to go !!!!

One more week of school ! I can do it !!! XD And three more weeks before the exams T.T But after I will finally be on holidays ^^ Yattaaaaa !!!!

It was snowing in Paris on Sunday ^^ But it was so cold outside !  XD I nearly fall Monday because it was so slippery...

I have to draw some industrials plan so I will not write a long entry but since today it's Maru's birthday :

Happy birthday Maru ^^ Paaaaaan !!! ^^

I will try to get some rest too, so tired these days especially when the trains are full of people every morning T.T